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www.worshipconcepts.netWorship Concepts Reaches Families in Tampa!Text Box: IMPACT was a good word!   You had your ideas, we had our ideas, but God's plans were the BEST! We had one lady saved and many young families were challenged in their Christian walk. Even our seniors were energized and blessed. [Because of the bonus Worship Seminar] The choir learned a new way of approaching worship and we are diving in and applying it this weekend!??God Is Good,?Pastor Bob?

God is so AWESOME!  We can’t believe we get to live like this!  That’s right, I said, “Get to.”  There’s an amazing freedom that comes when you put God first in all you do.  It’s the difference between believing IN Him and BELIEVING Him.  It’s the path to endless opportunities instead of eternal opposition.  It’s knowing you have a purpose and not just a position.  It’s being wanted and not just needed. 

When we began conversations with a precious church in Tampa that wanted to have us come do our thing, we assumed it would be the Worship Thang.  But God, in His marvelous ways, wanted to see just how far we would trust Him.  This church wanted something different, something out-of-the-box for Worship Concepts, something wonderful!  They wanted us to come and be the key speakers (as well as worship leaders) for a family life conference.  What?!  Oh yeah. 

We began to pray knowing that this was a God thing.  We have had families on our hearts for so long, and God has been sending some incredible life-lessons our way in the last year.  We were ready to trust Him, and He did not fail us! 

The brainstorming began, and IMPACT was born.  Joe set aim for the high school gentlemen, Abbie took on the high school ladies, and I set a course for the adults.  Joe also took on what we would term POWERpoints (great two-minute lessons for the whole family), and the Sunday message.

 Just a month before we were to go to Tampa, dear friends came to Florida and spoke a word of peace and purpose into our lives.  They told us that we were to minister to the “widows and orphans,” and God was going to use us globally to heal His hurting children.  Don’t you know, that’s just what He did in Tampa?

As we headed toward the conference dates, I began pleading with God daily to give us the one thing these precious people needed to hear from Him.  If I only had one moment to speak one Word into one life...what should I speak?  “Stand,” He said.  Stand?  Yes, Proverbs 8: Wisdom’s Call.  So, we did just that.  We called them to stand ON the Word, stand IN His presence, stand FOR each other, stand UP to evil, and  stand FIRM.

Family after family had such brokenness and desperation.  And family after family stood up and took hold of the freedom only God can give.  What a mighty, glorious, compassionate, omnipotent, amazing God we serve!  Now, I just know somebody wants to shout glory!  Praise His name!

If you know a family that is living in despair: a child, a parent, a widow, an orphan... Please  take God at His word, donate to Worship Concepts today, and see if He doesn’t open the windows of heaven and pour out blessing after blessing like we’ve seen in Tampa!

June 3-5 

Women’s Conference

The Salvation Army Divisional Women’s Conference

Philadelphia, PA

Please pray for the key leadership of WCN.

Abbie, Joe, Jennifer