You can now order Joe's instrumental CD, "A View from the Shelf" on-line. Recorded entirely with MIDI instruments, "View..." started as a demonstration of MIDI capabilities in worship . After several requests for it as a listening CD, we decided to release it to the public.

You are now listening to several RealAudio clips from the CD. To listen to clips of specific cuts, click on the title below. If you don't have the RealAudio player, click the logo to the left to download it for free.

Copies are available with a donation of $25 to Worship Concepts Network, Inc. Donations can be made on-line by clicking the "Donate Now" button to the left or by mailing a check made out to Worship Concepts Network, Inc., 1503 Greenway Pl., Orange Park, FL 32003.

If you don't hear the music, try deactivating your pop-up blocker.